Individual Therapy
I strive to help clients better understand and connect with themselves, their emotions, and relationships to promote growth and change. I truly value the strength it takes to start therapy and want to make that process go smoothly. I am available for a free phone consultation to determine if my services would meet your needs. I look forward to talking with you and hopefully beginning the therapy process.

Below is a list of issues I typically work with clients on

• Infertility
• Egg donation consultations and evaluations
• Gestational carrier/Surrogacy consultations and evaluations
• Postpartum depression
• Postpartum anxiety
• “Baby blues”
• Miscarriage
• Infant Loss
• Relationship (romantic, family, friends) issues
• Identity exploration and role changes

Egg Donor Evaluations
I conduct psychological assessment to complete egg donor evaluations. These typically include an interview and at least one psychological measure to complete a comprehensive report.

Group Therapy
In addition to individual therapy, I also offer group therapy on a periodic basis. The focus of group therapy is to gain insight into yourself and improve relationships through learning and growing with others who are experiencing similar issues.

Other Services
I provide supervision to postdoctoral professionals and practicum students. I truly value collaboratively working with students and interns as they are developing their skills. I follow the Use of Self model, which has an interpersonal process focus and looks at you as a whole person in the room.

Additionally, if you are interested in a workshop for your group or organization, please contact me via email or phone to discuss the content and format you would like.

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