My Philosophy

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Often life can be overwhelming and busy, and we rarely have a moment, let alone a sustained period of time, to reflect on our own needs and emotions. However, when we allow ourselves that opportunity, we are able to gain strength, growth, and fulfillment in our lives. It is often anxiety-provoking to start therapy and to open up to someone new. I really respect the courage that it takes to make that first step of setting up an appointment, and I consider it an honor to sit with people as they share about themselves and their lives.

The foundation of my approach to therapy is to provide a warm and safe environment where you feel comfortable to discuss difficult aspects of your life. Understanding our relationships and how we view ourselves is important in finding contentment and satisfaction in our lives. Many of the struggles we experience, such as relationship problems, depression, stress, anxiety, etc. come when we are not able to be real or authentic in our relationships with others or even ourselves.

I believe that even at a young age we are forming our views of ourselves, our expectations of others in relationships, and our beliefs about the world. These formative views impact, often implicitly, how we feel about ourselves and interact with others. We often engage in patterns that, while once adaptive, are no longer helpful and prevent us from engaging fully in our lives. I see my role as helping you better understand these patterns, yourself, your emotions, and your relationships.

However, just gaining knowledge is often not enough to promote lasting change. Most people come into therapy with painful negative emotions that they are either overwhelmed by or trying very hard to ignore and deny. My focus is on helping clients learn to recognize and experience their emotions and to see emotions as a natural, and even useful, part of the human experience.  I view emotions like a wave in the ocean. Some people can feel like they are being knocked down by the waves while others spend a lot of energy to fight being moved by the wave. When we are able to appreciate the waves, we can use them to move us forward to the shore

A key part in this process is finding more compassion towards yourself in order to gain deeper insight, to recognize and let go of painful emotions, and to manage the stresses of everyday life. I do this by providing a supportive and safe relationship where we can work collaboratively to discover yourself more deeply, improve your relationship with others, experience a new way of being, and empower you to make the changes you want in your life.