Bravery in the Broken Heart

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Brokenhearted quote pictureI saw this quote today and was thankful for the reminder that there is bravery in the broken heart. When we feel our hearts hurting is often the time when we feel the most weak and vulnerable.

However, there is such bravery in that moment. We chose to take a path that was not safe but was daring. Safety would be to never open our hearts to someone, to never love, to never forgive, to never be yourself. Yet, what a lonely existence that would be!

No, I am not recommending to put yourself in a situation where you would be abused or taken advantage of; there is bravery in leaving as well. I am talking about the bravery to connect with someone who has earned your trust, to say “I love you”, to continue trying for a child, to decide to a different ending for your reproductive story, to say I’m sorry, to embrace your whole self. The results of these acts may result in a broken heart, but there is beauty, strength, and bravery in the journey.