A Therapeutic Journey

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Hello World.

Welcome to my website and my blog! For the past few months, I have been wondering how I can reach out to people beyond my office. I want to provide people with thoughts and ideas that might be helpful as we all strive to better understand ourselves and live our lives to the fullest. With technology playing an important role in our lives, I thought that a blog would be a great medium. Each month, I will pick a topic and write weekly blogs on that topic.

January usually marks a new beginning for many people filled with resolutions, plans, and changes. For some people, these might include seeking help for personal and emotional issues that are preventing them from living full and authentic lives. However, therapy can often bring a variety of thoughts and emotions such as relief, anxiety, fear, shame, excitement, etc. So for my new beginning of this blog, I wanted to address some issues associated with starting the therapy process. First, I wanted to introduce myself and my philosophy towards therapy so you get a since of who is writing this blog and the lens through which I see the world. Next, I will address benefits of counseling and reasons that prevent people from seeking out help.

Full disclosure: I do not profess to have all the answers, but hopefully, I can give some help, comfort, or at least thought-provoking words. If anything I write strikes a chord with you, feel free to read more about me on my website and contact me.