Life is like a journey. While there are many beautiful sights on the path, sometimes there are bumps in the road where you need a little extra support. This can often take the form of friends, family, spiritual leaders, etc. However, support can also come from engaging in therapy. To me, therapy is also a journey. I see my role as a therapist to walk with you by providing support as well as helping empower you to guide your own courageous path. The most important thing about the journey of therapy is that it is a collaborative effort in which both of us work together to help you gain insight into yourself, your emotions, and your relationships and make the changes you want to have a fulfilling life and satisfying relationships. As with many travels, getting started can often be the hardest part. My hope is that this website allows you to better understand who I am, and if I would be a good companion on your journey.

Our Services

Infertility and Maternal Mental Health Counseling

My specialty is working with women and men experiencing infertility and other perinatal and postnatal issues. The process of becoming pregnant, having a baby, and adjusting to motherhood is not always an easy one and often filled with difficulty and heartbreak. Women and men can experience a roller coaster of emotions including sadness, anger, shame, anxiety, and many more. My hope is to help people gain understanding and peace no matter where they are in their reproductive story.

Evaluations and Other Services

Courageous Path Counseling, PLLC provides psychological assessments for egg donor evaluations/consultations and gestational carrier evaluations/consultations. Typically, these involve an interview and self-report measure to complete a final report.

Other services include presentations and/or workshops and supervision of practicum students or postdoctoral interns. If you are interested in either of these services, please contact me for more information.

Individual Counseling

In addition to infertility counseling, my work focuses on three broad areas: Relationship Concerns (creating and deepening connections and resolving issues family, romantic, social, or work relationships), Identity Exploration (gaining insight into who you are and who you want to be), and Personal Growth (understanding yourself in order to move forward).